Contact management

Contact management orchestrates and monitors interactions across all communication channels.

Contact management in relation to experience- and dialogue management refers to the systematic and organized management of customer or user contact information and interactions across different communication channels.

Contact management is especially important when it comes to ensuring seamless and personalized experiences for the users.


The «Contact management» category contains the following technology applications:

Voicebot as concierge

The voicebot as concierge recognizes the customer’s concerns in an automated dialogue and passes them on to the employee with the right skills.

Video chat

Video chat is a real-time communication with voice and images. Usually, video chat is used for use cases with complex or emotional concerns.


Live-chat is a real-time communication method in which text messages are exchanged between two or more people. Live-Chat is usually used on websites, apps, customer support systems or as support for chatbots to answer questions, solve problems or provide information.

Intelligent omnichannel contact routing

Intelligent omnichannel contact routing is an application that integrates different communication channels such as telephone, email, chat and social media. This technology uses algorithms and data analysis to efficiently distribute incoming requests to the most appropriate employees or resources and/or to ensure optimization of outbound communication.

Email bot

An email bot is an AI-supported application that is used to automate or simplify tasks in email (and other written) correspondence. These bots can, for example, recognize and index texts and generate responses in whole or in part without human intervention.


Callback gives customers the opportunity to book a callback appointment. This can be done via various channels, such as telephone (IVR), chat and websites. Callback is often used in service organizations to avoid waiting times and increase customer satisfaction as well as to utilize the organization more equally.

Co-browsing / Collaboration

Co-browsing enables users to interact and navigate a website or online application together with an organization in real time.

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