Digital Customer Excellence Cockpit

The Digital Customer Excellence Cockpit helps you to maintain an overview in the dynamic world of DCX technologies and to make the right technology and digitalization decisions!

What is the DCX Cockpit?

The complexity of technologies in the field of customer experience management has increased exponentially in recent years. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to big data and the integration of omnichannel platforms, companies are faced with a variety of complex technologies to fulfill customer expectations. The challenge is to effectively deploy and integrate these technologies to create personalized experiences for customers while optimizing operational efficiency.

With your participation in the DCX Benchmarking:

  • you get an overview of the various DCX technologies
  • you can see at a glance in the cockpit how represented the technologies are on the market and how important they are.
  • you can compare yourself with competitors based on current market data and the function to set different filters.

This enables you to identify development potential in terms of introducing technologies in your company as well as potential fields of action. With DCX Benchmarking, you gain certainty in your technology and digitalization decisions.

Discover more about the individual categories and their technologies:

Digital Experience

Contact management

Customer management

Workforce Engagement

Registration DCX Benchmarking:

Here you can register for DCX Benchmarking free of charge and get started right away.

The survey will take about 15 minutes of your time, depending on the availability of the information. Your answers will be treated anonymously and will only be displayed in your cockpit.

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