Enterprise Bot

Looking for an enterprise-grade GenAI? Improve your customer and agent support with a conversational AI bot powered by LLMs like ChatGPT that works with your organization's data.

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At Enterprise Bot, we specialize in enhancing customer interactions using cutting-edge generative AI technology (chat, voice, email bots and agent assist) that enables your business to communicate 24/7 with your customers and build meaningful relationships with them.

Our platform integrates Large Language Models such as conversational AI powered by ChatGPT, combined with process automation technology to optimize and personalize user experiences. We are trusted by corporate giants from various industries such as Generali, SIX, SBB, DHL and SWICA.

Imagine providing website visitors with a personalized virtual assistant that guides your customers in selecting the appropriate service or product, responds to any inquiries regarding their accounts, helps with support tickets and much more – all in a human-like conversational style.

By utilizing our patent-pending DocBrain technology to build Intentless Bots and integrating with existing core systems like SAP, CRMs, Genesys and more, we enable GenAI to not only respond to inquiries, but also take action to resolve them, enhancing both the customer experience (CX) and agent productivity. The result? Bots that engage and satisfy users, increase revenue and reduce costs.


Use Cases:


GenAI für E-Mail Antworten Automatisierung mit Enterprise Bot – Generali, Schweiz
Reduzierung des Bedarfs an L1-Support für E-Mails um 40% mit einer Genauigkeit von über 85% bei der Einstufung und Weiterleitung von E-Mails.

Agent Assist

Transform Your Call Center with Agent Assist Powered by GenAI
The integration of Genesys and Enterprise Bot heralds the future of call center operations. Introducing Agent Assist powered by GenAI – a game-changing platform tailored to elevate the efficiency, accuracy, and security of your call center agents.