Workforce Engagement

Workforce engagement applications are used to ensure a positive and productive working environment for employees.

Workforce Engagement is used to ensure that employees are motivated and satisfied as well as that they make an effective contribution to the provision of a high-quality service for customers. This includes applications that create a productive and positive working environment for employees.


The «Workforce Enagement» category contains the following technology applications:

Dynamic resource planning

With dynamic resource planning (also known as dynamic workforce management), you can efficiently plan and optimize work schedules. All relevant parameters such as working hours, vacations, public holidays, rest periods, etc. are taken into account..

Digital quality management

Digital quality management is a method of analysing conversations and texts with the aim of identifying optimizations at employee or overall organizational level and eliminating weaknesses with the help of training, coaching and process improvements, for example. It can also be used to identify current trends and topics (topic spotting).

Digitale Lernplattformen

A digital learning platform provides educational content online. Trainers can create courses, share content, assign tasks and track learning progress.

Agent Assist

Agent Assist solutions support employees in processing customer concerns, e.g. with information, suggestions for solutions or answers to FAQs. This allows concerns to be handled faster and with higher quality. Other terms for this are “FAQ bot” or “co-pilot”.


With gamification, in relation to workforce engagement, playful elements are created in everyday working life in order to increase employee motivation, commitment and satisfaction and thus increase productivity. Examples include scoring systems, rewards and competitions in general and in the area of education.

Highlights & Use Cases:

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